Christmas is Around the Corner!

Christmas is around the corner! Wanna have a personalized Christmas cards or party invitation cards prepared by your own? We offer traditional Christmas Red, Mallard Green coloured papers/cards and other fancy papers/cards with different embossed patterns or metallic/ pearly effect to suit your needs. Most papers / cards come with envelops in the same colours and patterns!

聖誕佳節將至, 打算自製特色的聖誕咭或派對邀請咭? 除了傳統的聖誕紅及綠色紙張和厚咭,我們還有多款不同的花紋、珍珠及金屬效果的紙張和厚咭可供選購。大部分紙張更配有相同顏色及花紋的信封!