1. Papers

本公司提供各類歐、美及日進口有紋或無紋的花式紙/咭,如通咭、布紋、皮紋、珍珠紙、金銀顏色鋁面紙、玻璃面紙及牛油紙等等。除提供多種顏色選擇,更備有不同厚度以配合客戶不同用途所需, 包括包裝、吊牌、學校及美藝用紙、咭片、邀請帖及各式印刷品製作等等。  

We offer a wide variety of fancy papers / cards with different colors, dimensions and patterns, including but not limited to ivory cards, tracing papers, papers in metallic or pearly effect and papers with laid, linen or eggshell patterns. Our papers / cards are widely used for printing of labels, catalogs, greeting cards or for art / packaging usages, etc. 

2. Envelopes


Readily available envelopes in different sizes and colors

3. Cutting & Delivery Services

本公司另為客戶提供切紙及送貨服務,歡迎致電 2889 3312 查詢。

We offer cutting & delivery services, please feel free to call us at 2889 3312 to quote the services charges.

**Paper / Envelope Sizes Tables**